Posted by: travelexchange | March 3, 2011

Summer Time In Greece!

Yes! The warmer weather is slowly making it’s return to the Southern California daytime! As our thoughts drift to the coming spring and summer weather, I was reminded of one of the best places to visit in the summer – The Greek Islands. Beautiful, very scenic and peaceful. It is definitely worth the sometimes dreadful ferry ride from Italy. The ferry ride can be long and cold if you don’t secure a seat inside during the overnight voyage. The sometimes noisy ride, along with the unconvenient boarding times can leave you feeling a bit sleep deprived but it’s all worth it when you reach the islands and can nap on the pretty beaches! One of the more well known spots to go to is Corfu. It is the second largest and most beautiful island. Be sure to explore the whole island. Walk, walk, walk. Go to Agios Gordios for the good beaches. Hike to the hilltop village Pelekas for the tremendous views. BRING THAT CAMERA! Another great vantage point is the top of Mt. Pantokrator. Which is Corfu’s highest mountain. As for a place to stay, head to the world famous Pink Palace. It is legendary on the backpacker circuit!

Don’t let the long voyage to get to the Greek Islands deter you – after all, it’s an adventurous voyage!


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