Posted by: travelexchange | March 3, 2011

Summer Time In Greece!

Yes! The warmer weather is slowly making it’s return to the Southern California daytime! As our thoughts drift to the coming spring and summer weather, I was reminded of one of the best places to visit in the summer – The Greek Islands. Beautiful, very scenic and peaceful. It is definitely worth the sometimes dreadful ferry ride from Italy. The ferry ride can be long and cold if you don’t secure a seat inside during the overnight voyage. The sometimes noisy ride, along with the unconvenient boarding times can leave you feeling a bit sleep deprived but it’s all worth it when you reach the islands and can nap on the pretty beaches! One of the more well known spots to go to is Corfu. It is the second largest and most beautiful island. Be sure to explore the whole island. Walk, walk, walk. Go to Agios Gordios for the good beaches. Hike to the hilltop village Pelekas for the tremendous views. BRING THAT CAMERA! Another great vantage point is the top of Mt. Pantokrator. Which is Corfu’s highest mountain. As for a place to stay, head to the world famous Pink Palace. It is legendary on the backpacker circuit!

Don’t let the long voyage to get to the Greek Islands deter you – after all, it’s an adventurous voyage!

Posted by: travelexchange | March 2, 2011

Back To Italy

Hello fellow travelers! Well, with all the recent rain we’ve been having in San Diego and more on the way this weekend, I was reminded of travel times in the rain. One place stood out – Venice, Italy! Also known as Venezia, it’s one of the most unique places you’ll ever travel to due to what it’s best known for – being a “floating” city. It’s built on 117 islands all connected with 150+ canals and 400 bridgers. Truly something to experience. On my voyage there it rained two out of the three days, but that didn’t dampen the spirit. In fact it added to it! It added to the vibe of discovering the city. While there you must take a vaporetto (water bus/taxi) along the Grand Canal. It is lined with sites to see. Once you jump off the vaporetto, wander the streets and narrow passageways. Many of them open up into grand courtyards. Wander to St. Mark’s Square and check out Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica). While in the massive courtyard in front of the Basilica be ready for the hundreds of pigeons that will flock to you for food. Even going so far as to perching on your shoulders or arms if you allow them – quite a site!

Posted by: travelexchange | February 2, 2011

The Beach In Spain!

Although it is not cold here in San Diego when compared to the winter storms taking place in the midwest, it is bit on the chilly side. So, for this next destination on our travel path let’s head to the beaches of San Sebastian, Spain!

Located on the Bay Of Biscay in Northern Spain it is definitely worth the train voyage to the north. When you get there hit up the beaches of Playa de la Concha and Playa de Ondarreta. Be sure to walk around the streets and check out the cathedrals. To get the best views of the entire area put your walking shoes on and make the 30 minute trek up to Monte Urgull. Be sure to take your camera! To help save some money on lodging take a night train to and from San Sebastian. Check the pics and feel free to daydream!

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Peace and Quiet In Italy

The next stop on our voyage of travel tips is Sorrento, Italy! Want some peace and quiet on your trip? The make your way to Sorrento. Not only will you get to explore an Italian resort town but you’ll get to do it without the tourist crowds. It’s a nice break if you’re doing the backpacking thing and have been hitting up the big cities and the main tourist attractions. It’s a very scenic coast town on the Bay of Naples. Check these pics –;_ylu=X3oDMTB2dXQ2M2pxBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA3NrMQR2dGlkA01TWTAwNF8xNzY-/SIG=13mk7t2bi/EXP=1296118452/**http%3a// Look good? Then catch a train from Naples and enjoy the Italian coast! Where should we go next??

Posted by: travelexchange | January 26, 2011

Travel Time!

Here we go with travel destination #1: Lucerne, Switzerland. Switzerland lives up to the images one thinks of when the country is mentioned. It is however more than The Alps, Swiss Misses and delicious chocolate. Switzerland is one of the most scenic countries in the world. Whether you’re there in the summer when it’s incredibly green or the winter when the snowfall makes for some of the best scenery for photographs I’ve ever seen. If you’re lucky enough to get there, head to the jewel of the country – Lucerne. Located in the center of the country, make sure to spend at least a day there. Be sure to check out: Kapellbrucke (The Chapel Bridge) that goes over the Reuss River, the Lion Of Lucerne monument and Mt. Pilatus for a great view. Any other Switzerland suggestions??

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Travel Excitement!

Howdy folks! I decided to start this blog to exchange traveling experiences, tips, ideas and stories. We’ve all found that hidden gem of a place that no one else seems to know about during our travels and explorations. So, I figured we should share with each other what and where those gems are! Whether it be a beautiful scenic seaside village, a fantastic coffee shop in the city, a peaceful hotel to stay at anywhere, a place with a tranquil view, a wonderful museum or you name it. If it stood out on your explorations, share it! I will share a place in each of my blogs and encourage your comments. Til next time……..